Jan. 16th, 2013

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Jan. 16th, 2013 11:05 pm
lilamp: (half)
- was extremely lazy over vacation.
- got sick right after new years, currently dealing with residual phlegm, yay --> still being extremely lazy.
- despite not doing anything to aggravate it for 3 wks, my hip isn't happy yet.
- will go back to PT next week.
- not happy that at this rate, i won't be able to run any distance in the coyote hills race at all. i will have to gently amble.
- joined a group of stargaze friends in a biggest loser competition that started on monday.
- started logging food again today.
- current daily nutritional goals: <50g of carbs, ~100g protein, 1600-1800 calories.
- i'm finding that it's not hard to get enough protein, and i can keep the carbs down reasonably well, but it's a challenge to get enough fat, even putting butter and heavy cream in everything. this is where bacon would come in handy i guess... must expand fat sources.
- bought a glucose/ketone meter because as mentioned before, i'm not only interested in getting into ketosis, but i'm concerned about my glucose levels as well.
- worked out how to use the meter tonight, before dinner, and glucose was at 97, so not great, but not bad i guess for only a few hours fasting? ketones were actually at 0.4, which is almost into ketosis territory, and i haven't been watching the carbs too closely lately, so that seems within reach.
- and as usual, have lots of stuff i really should've done months and months ago that i'm still procrastinating...

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