Oct. 2nd, 2012 04:20 pm[personal profile] lilamp
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sunday before this last, my upper back right molar started hurting, then after chewing some turkey jerky on thursday, it was _really_ hurting. i was overdue for a cleaning anyway, so i went to a dentist on friday. (one of the two dentists who happened to show up at an event at my work the other day designed to encourage us to patronize local businesses.)

the good: apparently no cavity. dentist thought it might be hurting just from clenching. my current working theory is that i'm clenching more since i decided to try upping the dose on my antidepressants. :( i had fallen asleep the friday night before the tooth started hurting and slept most of the night without my night guard, so i think that's what triggered it.

not sure yet if i think the higher dose is making a difference in my mood or not. for the moment, i guess soft food only for a while until my jaw calms down a bit.

(also, not going to go back to that dentist. almost the very first thing he said to me is that i have a very "traumatic" bite, and did anyone ever suggest invisalign? when i declined that, he tried to sell me on whitening instead...)

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