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ganked from facebook, titled as a Bucket List survey. i guess i've done a few things...

Fired a Gun = X
Gone on a blind date = (i'm pretty sure no?)
Skipped school = X
Been skinny dipping = X
Gave or Watched someone give birth =
Watched someone die =
Been to Canada = X
Been to Hawaii = X
Been to Europe = x
Been to Las Vegas = X
Been to Washington DC = X
Been to Asia = X (only SE)
Been to Africa = (not yet!)
Been to Florida = X
Been to Mexico = X
Been to Australia = X
Seen the Grand Canyon in person = X
Flown in a Helicopter = X
Been on a cruise = X
Served on a jury = X
Been in a movie = (not a movie, but i acted in a psa against teen drinking. i got to play the bad girl who brought "john" daniels to the party.)
Been to Los Angeles County = X
Been to New York City = X
Played in a band = X
Sang karaoke = X
Swam in the ocean = X
Made prank phone calls = X
Laughed so much you cried = X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue = X
Had children =
Had a pet = X
Been downhill skiing = X
Been water skiing =
Been tent camping = X
Rode on a motorcycle = X
Jumped out of a plane = X
Been to a drive-in movie = (this actually IS on my bucket list.)
Rode an elephant = X
Been on TV = (don't think so, but i might have shown up in a news report)
Been in the Newspaper = X
Stayed in A Hospital = X
Donated blood = X
Eaten snails = (not sure, i might have tried them?)
Gotten a piercing = X
Gotten a tattoo = X
Driven a stick shift car = X
Been Married = X
Fell in love = X
Driven over 100 mph = X
Been scuba diving = X
Lived on your own = X
Rode in the back of a police car =
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