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work is busy. wedding planning continues apace.

we have:
- an officiant
- a location
- a dress
- bridal party outfits mostly settled
- invitations on order
- a photographer

we need:
- a cake
- a florist
- somebody to do my hair & makeup
- catering
- chairs + platform
- rings!

i was very lucky to actually get the dress i wanted. apparently 2 months is not enough time to get a wedding dress; most of them need 12 wks to order! but they found one that was already made but hadn't been purchased for whatever reason, so i lucked out. it's a size too big and will need to be altered for extra $$... but yay! a dress!

so this is the drawback to being so laissez-faire about the whole wedding thing instead of having it all planned out in my head since i was 12. most photographers in the tahoe area were already booked, but i found one guy whose work we both really liked who was available. cake places also mostly booked already, but one said they might be able to squeeze in a very small piece, so fingers crossed for that. hopefully getting a florist won't be as difficult? the next big thing to pin down is catering i guess.

and i have a ton of deadlines at work over the next three weeks.

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