Oct. 9th, 2012

a plan

Oct. 9th, 2012 01:01 pm
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i'm doing the juice thing for 3 days again now, then next week i'll start "dieting." at this point i think i just have to accept the fact that if i'm not counting calories, i'm going to eat too much (not to mention that it'll be carb & fat heavy, with not enough protein and fresh veggies). i decided to do one month of the diettogo fresh pickup, lunch & dinner 5 days/wk. (i'll do a protein shake for breakfast.) that should help me get used to lower calorie intake and more balanced meals, then i'll try to do my own thing after that.

i realized i never talked about the last day of the juice thing when i did it before. i didn't really feel any lasting effects from the cleanse; i went right back to eating the crap i was eating before, and didn't notice any change in my cravings. but at least i had 3 days of fresh fruits and veggies! i did try rowing on day 3, and it was _hard_. this time i'm scheduled such that i have weight training today and thursday, and running tomorrow.

i started the ease into 10k program about a week and a half ago, but timing was weird, so i did wk1/day1 twice, then wk1/day2 twice, and tomorrow i'll do wk1/day3. i kept trying to get back into a running routine, but it just wasn't happening. i need outside structure; i don't self-motivate well. this program is 10 weeks and starts out with 3 min run/1 min walk X 5. i already feel like the intervals are helping my speed.

oh, i'm out of physical therapy for now. shoulder range still isn't 100%, but it's almost there, and i can work on the end range on my own. my elbows are still unhappy, and nobody seems to know what to do about it. :( so, i'm going to try ignoring them for a while (and trying not to aggravate them), and see if they improve on their own this time. they just don't want to stop being inflamed! i might end up having to get cortisone shots for them, as they've been angry for many months now, and i'm worried they'll get permanently injured if they don't calm down.

my work gym has a pilates reformers class i'm going to try. this should be excellent for my shoulder. i tried climbing once, last month i think? i was okay on big juggy stuff, but anything even slightly crimpy seemed to aggravate the elbows. i'd like to try climbing a couple times a month for a bit, but i dunno when i'll be ready to start up my gym membership again. i need to take advantage of what my free work gym has to offer in the meantime.

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