Dec. 5th, 2012

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i wanted to learn to lift, and i liked the support, encouragement, and comraderie of the CF group at my gym. initially i also liked the idea of the cross-functional WODs, which seemed like a good way to superset and get a lot out of a short time, but the timed nature and high numbers of repetitive movements makes it really difficult to focus enough on form and avoid injury. after only about a year, i ended up making a shoulder tendon very angry, and it eventually tore and required rotator cuff surgery. and this was with an instructor who is actually quite knowledgeable and makes a concerted effort to help folks with their form and modify exercises as required. what i'd really like to find is a CF-like group that focused more on lifting, didn't have timed WODs, and eliminated super-high reps!
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when last we heard from out plucky hero, she had grand plans to do a 3-day juice fast, start a low-carb diet, run a 10k, and check out the pilates class at the work gym. well, the diet is going at least...

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